Social Media Influencer

We have partnered with the best influencers present on social media sites to get you maximum exposure.


We will analyze your social media account to gather information on what needs to be done.


We will find various influencers in your niche and discuss with them the terms of advertising.


We will then create a advertising campaign to design the ad and keep track of the progress.

Who are social media influencers

They are people who have a large number of followers who constantly engage on their posts.

Influencers are social media celebrities who can promote your product/service/account to their legion of followers


How is it helpful


A single post by an influencer can get you exposure to millions of their followers. You don’t need to buy instagram likes (you could actually… but it’s up to you really!)


With such exposure you will surely be able to get a good number of followers considering that your social media account has good posts and images. You could also buy Instagram followers from iDigic and, Twicsy.

Social Media platforms

Currently we have partnerships and have influencer accounts in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We are trying our best to get in contact with influencers on other platforms to get you the best everywhere. Other platforms to be added in near future are Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, etc.


A post about your service/Product/Account to be up for atleast 24 hrs and a bio link.


A post/ad/video containing your link will be posted to their profile/page and will be up for atleast a week.


A post/
video with your link will be posted and remain available for a week.

Coming Soon

posts on Facebook groups, linkedIn recommendations, pins on pinterest.


What was done

Here I would like to tell you what was done for a project we completed recently. It won’t be linking to or mentioning the client handle to keep it private.
This project was aimed at getting more followers for a budding fashion designer. We optimized the profile to generate interest in people visiting the profile.


We analysed the website to find out what needs to be done before the campaign starts. We also researched the influencers and top competitors in the niche.


We planned on creating a proper profile picture and a few more portfolio images of the designs of the client. We kept a couple best ones to post on the influencer pages.


20-30 images were designed with the designs of the clients to be posted in the client handle to ensure it catches the attention of people visiting.


We contacted the influencers in the niche and were able to get 7 to agree to make the posts. By the end of a week we were able to generate a cool 30k+ followers for the client.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Our campaign to generate sales was a great success. I would like to thank the team for the awesome results. I would surely be back for more soon. It was great working together. Keep up the good work.


Grace Dinardo

Hanover Shoe

Brand awareness is very important when you are just entering the market. Keely was great in handling the situation. Their team worked with ours to formulate the plan and everything went ahead the way we would have liked.

Cheryl Deluca

Sun Foods

Our campaign was handled just the way we would have wanted. The interest Ralph and team showed won our confidence. We would be outsourcing all our social media campaigns to you guys.

João Alves Cardoso

Accord Investments

Join us! It will only take a minute

Our Team

Cause working alone becomes boring

Catherine Baldwin

Account Manager

Nathan Miller

Influencer Outreach

Austin Spence


Ralph Still

Account Manager

Latest from us

What we think about instagram marketing

Ever since the inception of Instagram
7 years ago, it has taken over social media by storm. Everyone over the globe
seems to be using it to post personal stories, create blogs and upload pictures
and what not. According to reports, almost 30% of US adults communicate via
Instagram and more than 75% of the app’s base covers rest of the globe. With a
minimum monthly user of 300 million, Instagram is naturally a great platform to
promote one’s business.

Moreover, with a multitude of active users, this platform
also facilitates towards generating healthy competition. Brands can compare the
market and study the mood and choices of online audiences. Keeping a note on
their preference, further businesses can then decipher the type of marketing
strategies to implement.

Now let’s take into account the psychology behind using
Instagram as a platform for online marketing.

Instagram Marketing and Psychology

With more than 300 million users worldwide, what is it that
caters to the popularity of Instagram? The answer is simple, ‘Visuals’. Humans
are visual beings and plenty of studies showcased that humans prefer images
over texts. As Instagram is a platform dealing with visuals, there are
undoubtedly some major benefits to marketing one’s product online. Therefore
let’s look at how psychology can influence online marketing.

Bring in some powerful faces

Celebrity faces can significantly influence your brand. Most
advertising agencies use reputed celebrity faces to promote their brand.
Reports claim that active users of Instagram spend hours on their feed
scrolling through celebrity profiles.

Hence, by introducing reputed influencers, people start
respecting the authority of your brand. So collaborate with some authority
faces to give your brand the required boost.

Engage your followers in a repartee

Broadcasting and providing write ups is not enough to make
your business popular amongst the masses. The quickest way to capture your
target audience and look into what they seek is to engage with them. Ask for
suggestions, host giveaways and quizzes or simply request reviews. This will
result in the audience empathizing with your purpose and bring them over to
your side.

Build a personality

People naturally empathize more with a human rather than a
brand. So try to develop a brand face or simply add some human touches to your
brand. Generate a blog, share pictures and stories, apply humor wherever
necessary. Just engage your audience.

You can also use influencers and talk about the motive and
specialty of your brand. Be mindful of the people’s mentality and use potential
strategies to be more audience friendly.

Be emotional

Human brains are conditioned to associate images with
emotions. Hence, instigate a list of emotions you want your brand to stimulate
(joy, humor, happiness).

For e.g.: Post funny pictures catering to your brand’s
promotion or motive. Humor and optimism plays well with online audience.

Rewards are a must

Social psychology talks about the concept of reciprocity.
When you give something to your audience you offer them a chance to associate
with you. So host giveaways or use discounts and promotional codes. This give
and take relationship can work well on both fronts. Audience would associate
more with your business if they feel they can gain something out of it. Now,
moving forward once you have a grasp of what makes your audience tick, let’s
discuss business procedures.

3 basic Instagram business strategies

a) Build your hash tag community

Make hash tags your best friend. Target the kind of audience
you want to reach to by using a hash tag campaign. For e.g. Mains is a new
restaurant in town. So to promote their eatery, they used #bestitaliannoodles
#meatballspagetti etc to target Italian bourgeoisie.

b) Use Instagram DM’s to facilitate followers

You can generate a small message or welcome video to
facilitate new followers. Be grateful and mention how your followers can
benefit from using your business.

c) Be witty with your call to action tone

Instagram is not a platform where direct promotions can be
fruitful. It’s more personal and human. Thus be subtle, and question your
audience. Humor and wit are a big yes for capturing the attention of your
target audience.

Last but not the least, here are a few ways Instagram can
help you market your business.

5 smart to promote your business via Instagram

1. Post pictures

Instagram is all about pictures. So post good quality
pictures depicting your brand or product. Opt for shoot square photos as they
save time cropping and are more attractive to user’s visuals.

2. Generate customize link shortener

A very vital point, every marketer should be aware of, is
the amount of traffic his or her channel generates. To monitor accurate click
rates use customized links specially designated for Instagram bio.

3. Write a smart bio

For personal use Instagram bio can be fun and frivolous
indeed. However if you’re planning to generate an online business, you must be
a little calculative but not coercive. Small businesses can generate a link in
their bio and use affiliate marketing techniques to connect their URL to
landing pages using similar posts. This can be smart way to gather followers.

4. Use videos and sponsored ads

Videos can be fun. Use platforms like Snap Chat and Facebook
to create videos talking about your brand. Or simply use the “go live” feature.
Another smart marketing tip is using sponsored ads. These ads cater to giving a
brand new insight to target audience. Today by using sponsored ads, people who
aren’t following your brand can also witness photo updates and videos.

This enables you to promote your business amongst anyone
within the target viewers.

Therefore, the conclusion is, marketing over Instagram is
undeniably the smartest way you can build your business. Thus by implementation
of the correct policies Instagram can increase your visibility and audience
response. Not only is it a cost effective way, it is also less time consuming
and more engaging in this aspect.

Just be mindful of your audience’s desires and soon enough
you can establish a successful online business hereafter.


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