How Social Media Marketing Can Be Used As a Weapon

How Social Media Marketing Can Be Used As a Weapon

Well, it’s 2018 and millennials have passed a long time experiencing the growth of social media. Many predicted the growth of social media to be a passing phase, but as time flies, people understood that this is actually the call of time. Many marketers also realized the importance of social media in marketing which in turn has the potential to boost any business to many folds.

Importance of Social media

Social media is such a platform that has reached the level of necessity in everybody’s life. It is being used by a majority of people where the use of Facebook is on the rise. The utility of social media in marketing is undeniable considering its potential to reach a large number of prospective customers. So, many marketers have inclined towards social media campaign to increase their conversions and sales.

The benefits of social media marketing are listed below-

Brand awareness and loyalty

To connect with a much larger audience base, there is no alternative to social media. Companies should make their online presence to increase their visibility in a much larger platform. This in turn, makes people aware about the existence of the brand that can lead to loyalty.

A larger conversion rate

Online presence gives a business the opportunity to a greater conversion scope. After building a successful follower base, the brand gets the scope to interact with the public. This gives an opportunity to increase conversion rate from the existing and the new followers.

A larger traffic

The mere presence of the brand in the online platform can garner huge traffic to your websites. Without social media, it wouldn’t have been possible to gain access to a significantly large customer base. Linking more social media sites like LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc. paves the way for more traffic.

Cost effective

With digital marketing the budget of the company can get remarkably low. This is because of the low cost associated with digital marketing. Creating a profile is free for almost every social media site. A proper advertising strategy is the next doable thing that can bring success.

Note:  Paid advertising is also available in digital marketing world. Here also, one must follow a proper strategy that can build a strong customer base that can eventually increase return on investment. 

Knowledge about market

Marketing through social media has ushered in a lot of prospective for gaining marketing insights. It helps to connect directly with the market and gives a chance to interact with the changing needs of the customers. There are additional tools available that can analyse the demographics of the customer which can improvise ideas.


Posting relevant topics and connecting with the audience in a more thoughtful way helps the company to emerge as an expert in its field. To achieve this one needs to do thorough research and maintain effective communication with the consumers.

Social Media campaigning can come as a boon if followed strategically. It can harness huge traffic and can take your business to new heights. In this digital era, business without digital marketing can be a great drawback for a business, and competitors can take over the market.