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The Top Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media

In today’s modern age, marketing on social media is an everyday aspect of doing business.  It has simply become the norm.  You have your company’s Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn, and even Instagram account. This is all because staying relevant on social media means you are connecting with potential customers/clients, establishing your brand, and simply…
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Embrace the New Game of Instagram Lead Generation Campaign

Instagram inevitably becomes the “gold mine” for digital marketing in 2018 having over 300 million users who are mostly the Millenials.  As opposed to the popular belief, Insta is not only about sharing images of fluffy kittens or fashion goals! At the beginning it may have been solely about those things but now it has…
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How Social Media Marketing Can Be Used As a Weapon

Well, it’s 2018 and millennials have passed a long time experiencing the growth of social media. Many predicted the growth of social media to be a passing phase, but as time flies, people understood that this is actually the call of time. Many marketers also realized the importance of social media in marketing which in…
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